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01 Dec 2021 11:57 Tatiana

Hello, could you tell us your packaging is standard, or you can design your own format for us?

Answer from Elena Grebennik: Yes, any design! We have a large design department.

01 Dec 2021 11:59 Sl.ritsa

Can you tell me, can the colors of this packaging vary?

Answer from Elena Grebennik: Yes, any design! We have a large design department

01 Dec 2021 12:28 julie gribova

Anastasia, please tell me that it is generally accepted that the cost of eco-packaging is several times higher. Is this true?

Answer by Anastasia Gusakova: Here it depends on what way of ecologization it should be done. If you remove extra layers, for example, remove cellophane coating or lamination of cardboard, or make the walls of PET bottles thinner, then the cost of packaging will decrease. And if to replace the material with similar one but with ecological characteristics (for example, with recycled content in its composition, or bio-based plastic), at the present moment it will be more expensive, because the market of such packaging is not developed enough and there is no sufficient support of this direction at the state level. But technology is developing, demand is increasing, so here we just need to monitor suppliers and prices.

01 December 2021 12:29 Irina V

How much will the price increase after the introduction of eco-material?

Answer from Anastasia Gusakova: Ilnar, it depends on what you change it to, and again you should understand that packaging is a certain part of the product price. Therefore, if for example the packaging has increased in price by 50%, it may be 5-7% in the price of goods. On average, those cases that I have observed - the product became more expensive by 5-10%.

01 Dec 2021 12:30 Anastasia S.

Anastasia, I collect garbage separately, but many people tell me that everything is piled into one machine and a general pile. Do you think this is not true?

Answer from Anastasia Gusakova: Hello, it depends on the situation. For example, in Moscow two-flow system, there are two types of containers, blue and gray, one - for all recyclables, the other - for mixed waste. And yes, the fact that in ONE blue container is both plastic and glass and metal - there is a norm, because then dosortirovatsya and this system is introduced to minimize logistics operations (it is more convenient if all container sites in Moscow came to separate cars - for the glass one, for plastic one, etc.). But if you see a PERSONAL container for say for plastic, and an ordinary garbage truck arrives and all the plastic pours out in itself and all mixed with general waste - it is wrong, this is a violation, and such cases must be reported to the operator for the removal of MSW. Usually their contacts are listed on the containers themselves and/or on information boards at the container sites. Since our garbage reform is only at the beginning of its journey, everyone, including the public, janitors, and garbage truck drivers, must change their ways. Continue to sort and involve your surroundings. If you remember the situation say 5 years ago - with separate collection in the country, things were much worse than now.

01 Dec 2021 12:45 Nstr

Are there expected to be machines for bottling cosmetics in Russia? Where can you find them, if any? Do you know their manufacturers? Are they in demand in Russia?

Answer from Anastasia Gusakova: Even now you can buy some cosmetics by filling in zero-waste shops, if you will be in St. Petersburg - visit the store Krupa on Petrogradka) similar stores are in many cities. Also from the mass-market can recall LUSH and Fresh Line in Rive Gauche, where you can also buy cosmetics by weight. With regard to refill stations, I know a cosmetics brand, which eventually abandoned this idea in Russia as not sure about the purity of the container in which the buyer will pour cream / masks / shampoos, for badly washed receptacle can lead to the fact that the product will be spoiled, covered with mold, etc. While for example in France such refill stations set this brand. Apparently there is more confidence in Europeans and the purity of their containers. If we talk about demand - it is developing, slowly, but developing.

01 Dec 2021 13:16 Olga

Hello. Every time I see wooden sticks, spoons and forks I have a fear of getting a splinter, or a piece of wood in my food. Can you dispel this myth?

Answer from Elena Berezina: A very interesting question that can highlight the mutual responsibility of the manufacturer of chopsticks and that café or coffee shop that chooses the supplier for its establishment. On the one hand, on modern productions, similar to ours, each wooden product is milled and ground, and then it is automatically and visually checked for splinter absence. And you can trust a large manufacturer in this matter. On the other hand, if the owner of the coffee shop will save money and decide to buy products from a less technologically advanced manufacturer, then there are some risks. Here each link is responsible for the safety for its customer and in general for the segment of wooden stirrers at the level of safety for the perception of individuals.

01 Dec 2021 13:16 Herman

Hello Jelena, good day! Could you tell me please how much time did it take to reformat your company production to conform to FSC certificate taking into account staff training?

Answer from Elena Berezina: About a year. This is a time-consuming process, which does not end with obtaining certification. Therefore, the work continues up to now. But without it it is impossible to establish healthy relations with major international companies.

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