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Turn Your Connections ON!

OnlineExpo Expo Hall combines traditional exhibition rules with elements of social and professional networks, a homepage and a web-shop. Visitors can get acquainted with the exhibitors without leaving their home or office.






Expo Calendar

HomeExpo 2018

HomeExpo 2018

Opening on April 1 2018

A Home is not just four walls and a roof- it is the place to charge batteries and to think bright thoughts. Who wouldn't like to have a home like that?

HomeExpo 2018 is an international online exhibition organized by OnlineExpo and again taking place in a online expo hall. No more standing in long queues, getting lost in crowded spots or...

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Enliven your days!

Kids and Family

This year we will be introducing several innovations and a new format. In addition to the traditional fair, the popular family event is being held online for the first time. The free entertainment programme of the fair offers diverse fun activities and educational talks throughout the day. You will find exciting items for the whole family on the...


The biggest robotics festival in Europe

Robotex 2017

Robotex is Europe’s biggest robotics festival, which is organised in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu. This year, Robotex 2017 is expecting more than 15 000 spectators. During the event there are various exciting activities for kids, students, robotics enthusiasts and even grandparents.


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