Ready-Made QR Games

Let OnlineExpo Assist You in Orchestrating Memorable Events with QR Games

We provide two distinct QR game options: customizable and ready-made. Customizable games are well-suited for corporate events, affording you the opportunity to craft a tailored gaming experience aligned with your objectives. Meanwhile, ready-made options cater to those seeking an effortlessly engaging experience without the need for game preparation.

Within the realm of tailored QR games, you can choose between group competitions and individual tasks. Group competitions accommodate up to three participants per device, fostering collaborative problem-solving and team rivalry. Conversely, individual games offer participants personalized tasks for a unique gaming encounter.

Commission a Unique Game from Our Experts

Should time constraints limit your ability to develop a game from scratch, but you possess a clear event theme, simply convey your concept to our specialists. They will fashion an entertaining game aligned with your event's theme.