24 November 10.00-14.00 at Noblessner Foundry and Online (Facebook Delfi)

Future Workforce Forum - "Estonia has a habit of one engineer at a time?"

According to a study by OSKA, the workforce and skills forecasting system, the manufacturing industry will be 2/3 short of engineers by 2030. Estonian university graduates cover only 1/3 of the manufacturing industry's future need for managers and specialists. To paraphrase Lennart Meri, is Estonia really in the habit of one engineer at a time?

In this forum, we open up the personal stories of Estonian industrial and manufacturing companies about the workforce needs of top specialists and look at what the research shows. Representatives from business representative organisations and prominent industrial companies will summarise the challenges ahead in a joint panel discussion and clearly articulate the solutions and options, including practical policy changes, that are essential for the competitiveness of the Estonian economy.

Participation is open to industries facing the challenge of skills shortages, policy makers, academics, students and journalists, and anyone interested in labour policy.

The Forum will be chaired by Kristel Leif, who runs Solaride, an education programme focused on promoting engineering and developing talent. The Solaride Academy has grown out of the solar car project and provides a team of engineers, marketers, logisticians, HR specialists and other young people in these roles with a very hands-on experience, accompanied by mentoring from experts in the field, training based on a future competency model. The whole project is a strong communication tool for the popularisation of engineering and this is also one of the priorities of the Solaris team.

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