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Who is organising the Citizens' Assembly

Tallinn Citizens’ Assembly for the Green Capital is organised by the Tallinn Strategy Centre in cooperation with the DD Foundation Democracy Centre. The organisers will be guided by an agreement of good intentions between themselves, in line with international standards for citizen assemblies.

The working group of the citizen assembly includes:

  • Maiu Lauring, DD Centre for Democracy - project manager, process design according to international standards,
  • Tuuli Veersalu, Analyst, Green Transition Office - project manager of Tallinn’s side
  • Raido Roop, Strategy Director, City of Tallinn
  • Liis Vahter, Analyst-Strategist, Development Planning Office
  • Airi Andresson, Head of the Green Transition Office
  • Krista Kampus, Head of the Green Capital Office
  • Kaidi Aher, Communications Lead, Green Capital Office
  • Karin Benksohn, Events Programme Manager, Green Capital Office

The citizen assembly content creation team includes:

  • Teele Pehk, DD Centre for Democracy - content design, international cooperation
  • Liisa Jõerüüt, Miltton - consultant to the Citizens’ Assembly, stakeholder liaison
  • Alla Sirotina - liaison for the members of the Citizens’ Assembly
  • Yevgeny Timoshchuk - moderator of the Citizens’ Assembly 
  • 10 experienced discussion facilitators

International advisors

For the design, implementation and impact assessment of the Citizens’ Assembly, the organising team is collaborating with international experts. They advise on the latest developments and best practices from deliberative democracy experiments. 


  • Graham Smith, Director of the Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies, Professor of Politics at the University of Westminster.
  • Yves Dejaeghere, Director of the Federation for Innovation in Democracy, Europe (FIDE)

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