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Budopunkt is an Estonian martial arts, fitness and yoga sports store. This fall we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary!

The company was established in 1997 by a former Estonian top karate athlete Igor Neemre who started to sell karate products. The essence of Budopunkt has always included an Oriental touch which originates from Japanese martial arts.

Budopunkt has a variety of sports products, which will improve the development of strength, flexibility and power, as we value the functionality and completeness of a person. All in all it's all about the strong physical and mental health.

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Brand story

Budopunkt has a special value to its establishment. In 1975 Igor Neemre, the founder of Budopunkt, started his karate trainings and became a true champion of the field. After finishing his successful top athlete career it was a logical step to start marketing with martial art products.

The first part of our companys name - Budo - is a Japanese word which consist of two parts: Bu and Do. Bu can be translated into "battle" or "fight" and Do into "pathway", "course" or "way". The hieroglyph of Bu has again two meanings: "to fight" and "to stop". All in all Budo represents "stopping the fight" or "bringing peace".

We approach to martial arts as a battle of fighting for your own improvement - the way to make oneself better.

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Martial arts

It's quite surprising that a lot of people have practised martial arts at some point of their lives. Many of them have gotten the courage and first gear from Budopunkt.

We aim to provide the necessary products for children, youngsters and grown-ups: kimonos (karate, judo, BJJ, Taekwondo) and protection gear.

Budopunkt has a broad selection of boxing gear: bags, gloves and protection.

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Yoga & Fitness

Budopunkt has always valued the health and functionality of the recreational athletes. That's why we have added a variety on fitness products aside to martial arts gear.

If you are a yoga, fitness or group training ethusiast, then make sure to check the selection of sports gear from Budopunkt.

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For children

For children we provide martial arts gear (karate, judo kimonos) as well as other sports realated products which support the every day physical activity of the kids: punching bags, balance boards, gymnastic balls.

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