How to add a promotional offer

1. Click on the "OFFERS" button in the top menu of the admin page


2. Click on the button "Add New Page Here"


3. A new page module will open. Click at the field named "Template" and choose option "Page l Offer"


4. Enter the Offers heading to the field "Title of the Page" and push button "SAVE" 

The new offer page has been created and now you need to start entering the offer information.

5. Add period of validity of the offer - start date and end date

6. Add an introductory text to the offer (150-400 characters).

7. Add the offer text and conditions of the offer by clicking on the "Text" button. You have the possibility to add images/text/videos to your offer - use the content management engine (buttons after the text "Add new block"). It is also possible to add content using other content information blocks (image+text, video+text, image gallery, etc.).


4. Insert the image(s) describing the offer in the "Heather banner" field.
5. Click on the "Publish" button at the bottom or top of the page

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