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STEEL HOT is one of the leading companies in the market of heating equipment manufacturers. We are engaged in the production of steel tubular radiators, design radiators.

Our products are made from high quality materials. The production is equipped with modern equipment of European manufacturers with a digital control system.

Monitoring of production processes helps to weed out any defects before the release of products. All data on identified problems is stored in a single database, which allows you to improve production. Finished products are checked in several stages, including for tightness.

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город Королёв, улица Лесная, дом 14А, офис 21

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We invite designers and architects, construction and installation organizations, salons and online stores to cooperate. Individual approach to each partner. Flexible system of discounts for each project. We will help organize a showroom, provide technical support, give professional advice and support with promotional materials.


город Королёв, улица Лесная, дом 14А, офис 21