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The Kriofrost Academy is a daily updated Internet Portal created to provide practical support to specialists of the refrigeration and related industries. The mission of the Kriofrost Academy is to  unite all refrigeration companies with a common idea of building the refrigeration industry of the future.

The Kriofrost Academy (research and education center) was established in 2021 to provide practical support to specialists in the refrigeration and related industries.

The main tasks of the CryoFrost Academy:

  • organization of training courses on the design, installation and operation of modern refrigeration equipment;
  • promotion of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration technologies;
  • informing specialists about events and trends in the global refrigeration industry, scientific achievements, design solutions, updating the regulatory, technical and legislative framework;
  • improving the level of training of students and graduates of specialized departments of universities and colleges, by providing access to information resources and an electronic library;
  • creation of a unique platform for research work.
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Ilya Malafeev
Ilya Malafeev
Head of the Academy
+7 (926) 838-3824
+7 (926) 838-3824
+7 (926) 838-3824