Korrus3 Wrestling Club

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Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. In wrestling, dual combat takes place without any weapons. It is a very effective sport that allows children to substantially train their muscles and develop resistance by creating playful situations.

In Korrus3, workouts start with warming up the different muscle groups: firstly gymnastic and acrobatic exercises, which are then followed up by wrestling technique exercises that promote physiological development. The workouts consist of three sub-sets: 1) warm-up exercises, games, gymnastics and wrestling exercises; 2) coordination training, which is crucial in wrestling, and acrobatics (hand walking, flips, somersaults, cartwheels, etc.); 3) practising wrestling manoeuvers, stamina training, general fitness exercises, strength training, relaxing and bending.

If you have an active child aged 3-6 at home and want them to develop physically, then come and get acquainted with wrestling at Korrus3!




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Korrus3 Wrestling Club

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