Estplast Tootmine OÜ

Estplast Manufacturing Ltd. is based on Estonian capital and is polystyrene foam insulation board production and marketing company. Modern factory started production in the beginning of 2004. In 2006 the factory was expanded manufacturing and warehouse space, and to invest in additional new production equipment.

ESTPLA activities are aimed at high quality and competitive prices of building materials - expanded polystyrene - production and distribution. Estplast offers its customers high-quality and highly-rated construction, reliable partnerships and flexible pricing.




What is EPS?

Polystyrene foam is a lightweight rigid plastic foam or EPS-based insulating material. EPS one of the most effective insulation materials. Insulation boards are lightweight, easy to handle, keeps structure and heat insulation properties. EPS insulation materials are used in new construction as well as renovation of older buildings. EPS boards can insulate the building from the basement to the roof.

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