Exhibitions just a click away

Travel Expo, Building Expo, Career Expo, Work Expo… How does an average trade show visit look like? You wander around all day, pile up interesting brochures, but never actually take the time to give them another look. But at least you don’t have to worry about campfire material next time you go on a hike. Or you don’t even make it to the exhibition – most of us are kilometers and hours away from exhibition halls. Online environments make it easy and more comfortable to visit any trade show.

“Pace of life is increasing all the time. It is difficult to allocate a whole day to visit an exhibition. I live in Tallinn, but I am yet to see the Motoshow in Tartu. Even though I have a huge passion for motorbikes and cars,” explains Margus Tamm, founder and member of the board of OnlineExpo.

One of the ideas behind online exhibitions is to provide a web platform to everybody who is present at the contact exhibition as well. Regular visitors and business-oriented clients can look around at the online show and then arrive at the contact exhibition with a certain goal. Or vice versa – web platform can act as an extension to the actual event. This is a great way to ensure that all bases are covered and visitors get all the necessary information even if the brochure is lost.

On the other hand, entirely virtual expos, such as the recent HomeExpo 2016, offer a fully functional opportunity to discover and research services and products online from the comfort of your own home. OnlineExpo is planning to develop and implement some captivating new options to make the experience even more fun and lifelike.

OnlineExpo doesn’t intend to take over the market, but to make trade shows available to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit them. Contact exhibitions end, virtual exhibitions start. The platform is supposed to be a symbiosis of traditional trade shows, catalogues, online shops and social media networks, allowing to interact and sell at the same time.

Online exhibitions strive for saving visitors’ and exhibitors’ time and money. Entrance is free 24/7. Exhibitions can be visited from every corner of the world, doesn’t matter whether you are at your office or enjoying nature in deep woods.

Visitors don’t ever have to stand in long queues or feel uncomfortable among crowds of people trying to make their way to interesting exhibitions. Stands focused to the main topic of the fair make it easier to remember companies and their products. Also, it only takes a click to get more information from the exhibitor's webpage. It is incredibly easy to choose and make wise choices that way.