• Educational workshops

Educational workshops

Get inspiration and new skills!

In the e-workshop, you can analyse your strengths and skills, as well as your knowledge of the changing world of work. The workshops don't just share information, but give you the chance to do practical exercises, take part in discussions and listen to other people's experiences and stories. The workshops will take place in a Microsoft Teams environment, and a camera and microphone are essential for active participation.

Please note that the workshops are held only in Estonian or Russian. Please choose Estonian or Russian for this website to see the selection offered.


World of work webinars
In estonian
In russian

April 19 webinars

10:00 - 11:00
Integration Foundation - Estonian language learning opportunities
Duration: 60 min

You are welcome to a briefing if you are interested in learning Estonian, if you wish to improve your language skills or if you are just starting learning the language.

Darja Jefimova

Consultant, Integration Foundation

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