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ReStart in Estonia: Empowering laid-off international talents

Are you currently navigating through the uncertainties of a layoff? Seeking clarity about your next steps and available options? Curious about the incredible support offered by the Unemployment Fund and the ways International House of Estonia can be your helping hand? Wondering about migration rules, coping after a layoff, or tips for effective job hunting? 

You can get answers to these and other questions related to the layoff by watching the recording of the event on August 28 by clicking the "Live stream" button below.

After enjoying the event's video recording, feel free to explore these helpful links:

Book time to career (provided by Unemployment Fund advisor) or migration (provided by Police and Border Guard board advisor) consultation at International House of Estonia: consultations - Work in estonia!

Check job openings (automatically downloaded from and and other sources) for the foreign specialists in Estonia: Jobs Archive - Work in estonia!

Bookmark the Facebook page and stay up to date with Language Caffe, Meet & Greek and other events where you can find new friends in Estonia:

Unemployment Fund servises:

Book time to migration consultation at Police and Border Guard board: or call +3726123500 (Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00)

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Click "Live Stream" and watch the event's video recording

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Are you facing a layoff and feeling uncertain about your next steps and options? Would you like to know more about the assistance available through the Unemployment Fund and how the Estonian International House can support you? Do you want to know what the general rules are for migration on site? How to deal with feelings after lay-off? What are tips for the effective job searching?  

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