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For a better tomorrow

When we meet with nearly a million customers every week in our stores and in the e-environment, our task is to help make people a little easier every day. We have the opportunity to guide and encourage our customers to more sustainable environmental and balanced dietary choices. For this purpose, we have products recommended by Rimi stores.

In order to achieve our goals, we work actively and on the basis of a long-term plan in the interests of health, the environment, the local community, quality and equality.

A family you can choose for yourself

In Rimi's engaging work culture, employees have a strong sense of belonging and security. You will receive support and recognition while working in Rimi to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. In Rimi's work environment, everyone has an important role and an opportunity to develop further. It is a community where we share a common vision and strengths. It's a family.

Why choose Rimi?

We offer you:

  • stable employment and social guarantees
  • an induction program to facilitate the induction of a new employee
  • opportunity to influence the level of their remuneration
  • additional employee benefits of up to 15% in all Rimi stores and special benefits of Rimi partners (Neste, Benu pharmacy) when using your Rimi discount card. The discount also extends to one of your loved ones.
  • partial transport compensation for shop staff and free Rimi bus transport for office staff


Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

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