Magnetic MRO is a Total Technical Care maintenance and asset management organisation with a global presence and two decades of worldwide experience. The company has a well-established reputation in innovative solutions, digitalised MRO services and a proven track record as a one-stop total technical care organization for airlines, asset owners, OEMs and operators. We are headquartered in Estonia, along with multiple locations across the world. 

We believe that Magnetic Group companies play an essential role in enabling aviation companies to better people`s lives worldwide. By ensuring their aircraft is fit to fly and back in the air as soon as possible, we make sure that businesses can operate, lovers can reunite, and medication can be delivered where it is the most needed. 

We are a progressive business - we are youthful, enthusiastic and focused on sustainability and human values. This sets us apart from the generally conservative face of the industry. We are passionate about our people because the best way to express our high-quality offering is through their passion for what they do. Our objective is that everything we offer becomes the benchmark within the aviation industry. We want to be the first company to come to our clients` mings and the only one they turn to. 

We seek professionals from all countries, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds to join the Magnetic MRO team. It has naturally evolved that our typical team member is:

  • A true ambassador of the Magnetic MRO values.
  • Professional in everything that he/she does, way beyond the simple meaning of this word.
  • Stress-resistant, as aviation is a 24/7 industry with numerous complex situations that must be dealt with in a prompt manner.
  • A vagabond in his/her heart, having travelled the world, exploring different countries and regions, and longing to experience it all again.
  • Culturally savvy, thriving while working with people from different parts of the world and different cultures, customs, and religions.
  • Fun, joyful, reliable, open-minded, and a pleasure to work, travel, and spend time with.

We are passionate. We are driven. We are Magnetic. 

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