Comodule is making more people enjoy riding an electric bicycle or kick scooter. We are developing IoT solutions for shared mobility operators and bicycle manufacturers to reduce global environmental pollution and traffic congestion. Since 2014 Comodule has connected over 450,000 light electric vehicles to the internet and has helped to launch shared fleets in 60 cities around the globe.

In spring 2020 we launched our own kick-scooters called Tuul which are developed and assembled in-house. Tuul is the first Estonian-made, most durable, and eco-friendly kick scooter on earth. Tuul stands for adding value to daily city life, reducing urban pollution, and creating new standards for electric micro-mobility vehicles in terms of durability, convenience, and care. Tuul is the first and only e-kick scooter developed and produced outside of China. It is designed to last longer than other scooters, is 92% recyclable, manufactured from 42% recycled materials and uses swappable dual batteries.

In spring 2021 we launched Äike for the end-consumers. 

Comodule Hackathon 2021

Comodule founder-story