• Education and Leisure Education

Education and Leisure Education

Childhood and adolescence are the most important periods in every person's life in terms of their development and development. That is why the city of Võru has invested in the developing human being by providing the best and most diverse growing environment possible. Võru offers a very high quality education.

The city of Võru has kindergartens and schools for the development and guidance of children and young people, hobby schools for sports, art and music, a wide range of hobby rings, a youth centre.

Võru's kindergartens and schools are well-equipped, renovated and there are no long queues to get a place. Võru has produced many fine sportsmen and women, scientists, workers and economists.

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Võru is one of the most beautiful cities in Estonia! It was founded in 1784 as a modern city, with wide, straight streets crossing at right angles, offering views of the lake and the central square. The unique surviving street grid and the lovely low wooden houses offer a nostalgic, homely feel.

Thanks to bold decisions and community co-creation, Võru's urban space and atmosphere has become very inviting in recent...


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