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Interesting facts about Russia

  • Russia is the biggest country in the world. However, this is no secret to anyone.
  • Russia has the deepest freshwater lake on earth Baikal.
  • В St. Petersburg is the deepest underground, more than a hundred meters deep.

  • About nine percent of the Earth's land area is the area of Siberia.
  • The longest continuous land border in the world is the border between Russia and Kazakhstan is the longest continuous land border in the world - the border between Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Lake Vivi is considered to be the geographical centre of Russia.
  • Russia has more time zones than any other country, 11 of them.
  • The Volga River is the longest river in Europe. Volga length is 3690 kilometers, it has more than 200 tributaries, and their total length together with the Volga - 357 thousand kilometers.
  • Tetris game was created in Russia in 1985. Its author - programmer Alexey Pazhitnov. The game is officially recognized as a work of art, and a copy of the 1984 game takes pride of place in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, New York.
  • in the cultural capital St. Petersburg is home to 2,000 libraries, 221 museums, 100 concert organizations, more than 80 theaters, clubs and houses of culture, 62 cinemas, and 45 art galleries. And yes, Hermitage one of the largest and oldest museums in the world


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