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Interesting facts about Italy

  • The origin of the word Italia is still uncertain. According to popular belief, this name was given to the area by the Greeks and the word means "country of calves". What do calves have to do with it? The bull, in fact, is the symbol of the southern Italian tribes, to which Italia was formerly linked
  • The unofficial symbol of Italy is the wolf (everyone remembers the legend of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome), the national flower is the lily, and the bird is the bluebird.
  • On the territory of Italy there are two mini-states - San Marino and Vatican City.
  • Lifeexpectancy in Italy is one of the highest in the world.
  • Italy is home to 2/3 of Europe's cultural heritage and 60% of the world's cultural heritage.
  • Italians use more than 250 hand gestures in their speech. Active gesticulation is due to the differences in dialects and emotionality of the inhabitants of this country.
  • Italy is considered to be one of the most religious countries in Europe. When submitting a tax return for the year, an Italian must make a donation to the church.
  • Italy produces more than 3500 kinds of wine and over 400 varieties of cheese. The country is the world leader in wine exports.
  • There are more than 2000 kinds of pizza in Italy! The traditional one is Pizza Margherita with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Real pizza is baked in a wood oven and only in Italy! The dish is round and may contain any kind of toppings (but mozzarella is obligatory!).
  • Italians have a true cult of their national cuisine. In 1986, at the opening of the first McDonald's, spaghetti was handed out free of charge to remind visitors of Italy's rich culinary heritage.
  • Italy is a global trendsetter in fashion, design and appliances.
  • Uniforms for the Italian police are sewn by the world-famous Prada.
  • Lamborghini originally made tractors.
  • In Italian cinemas there's a five minute break in the middle of the film to go to a cafe or a toilet.
  • If you ask for tea for breakfast, they will immediately recognise you as a foreigner. Or for a cappuccino in the afternoon. Italians drink cappuccino in the morning. And only in the morning, not in the afternoon. Or start drying an open umbrella indoors, it's considered bad luck in Italy. In restaurants and shops, wet umbrellas are left in a special basket at the entrance.


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