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EstPanel is a company that was founded in 2002. It designs, manufactures and installs log houses and products.

We see client focus, reliability, accuracy and quality as the key parts of our work. Our company has been awarded the Successful Estonian Company acknowledgement rating AA (very good) by credit information provider Krediidiinfo.*

We manufacture two kinds of wooden buildings at our 3500 m2 production base near Märjamaa.

Our customers include both private clients and retailers.

We offer a wide selection of products, starting from simple single-room garden houses to multi-storey private residences with complex architectural solutions. We also offer sheds, garages, pavilions and other products suitable for gardens, such as sandboxes, fences, gates, flower stands and dog kennels.

Our aim is to approach each task individually, be it a simple garden house, a private home or a product line perfect for retail. We will find the most suitable and unique solution for all of our customers.

A large proportion of our products are exported, making up nearly 90% of total turnover. Our main export countries are Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

EstPanel is 100% Estonian-owned.




Stylish Home

In this hall you can find an overview of new materials, ideas for home decoration and design, textiles, lighting and furniture manufacturing companies as well as tips on cleaning, re-use and making your home more comfortable.

If you are thinking of updating your interior design, here is the place to get inspired.

Real Estate

If you are looking for a new home or want to sell existing one, here you can find the best information regarding new developments and real estate.

Online Presentations and Webinars

This is a place for all “students” and for all “teachers”! Here we will gather all sorts of information from our Expo like manuals, guides etc in the form of videos for all to see. Nowadays it is normal to look for guidance and advice online browsing through different videos. Most known platforms for this are of course Youtube and Facebook. So Conference Hall will be an environment for practical and useful...

Smart Home

If you want to manage your home in an economical way, get an overview of sustainable energy and heating solutions, smart interaction and security technologies and financing options, you are welcome to visit this hall.

Smart home consists of complete and well-planned solutions rather than a stack of different gadgets. Control system of smart home is programmed with different functions to make life easier and more...

Online Conference BuildIT


Traditional event for everyone interested in construction. The event is aimed at all construction enthusiasts, high school students, construction students, construction engineers and successful construction companies. At BuildIT, everyone can gather new contacts, interact with specialists in their field get to know new directions in construction.

BuildIT program is built on an informative conference, an...


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