TTK University of Applied Sciences

Postsecondary (abbreviated as THC, ip TTK University of Applied Sciences) is the largest National Technical University of Applied Sciences in the field, which can be applied higher graduate diploma. College enrolled about 2,500 students. Tallinn University rector from 2010 and 2015 for a second term, appointed Professor Enno Lend.

We offer five different courses: faculties of engineering, production and technology, architecture and construction 13 curricula: application architecture; Tehnoökoloogia; construction of buildings; road building; Rakendusgeodeesia; mechanical engineering; Engineering Materials and Marketing; electrical engineering; Technical clothing design and technology; tekstiiliala clothing and Resource Management; automotive engineering; transport and logistics; railway equipment. Tallinn college curriculum in these groups, perpetual right to conduct educational and teaching quality guaranteed.

TTKs can learn about the daily and distance learning, training lasts four years and is the language. Study volume 240 is EAP. Level of study alongside college organizes open trainings. College of the members of teaching and research focus is the development of Estonian labor market and companies, while the school has nearly half a century of cooperation in foreign higher education.

Tallinn University academic units of the architectural and environmental engineering, construction, mechanical engineering, textiles and clothing, and of Transport, sciences and humanities in the center; In addition, the support units. School building complex includes teaching and administrative offices, laboratory and practical work spaces. Siidisaba seven higher education institutions in the sports hall and the clothing and textile faculty teaching laboratories, Siidisaba 8 car technology laboratory and learning facilities in a chair at the laboratory.




TTK Univercity of Applied Sciences

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