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Conference venue 

The conference will be held on the historic campus of the University of Tartu, which is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, founded by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus in 1632. 

The main conference venue for keynote speakers and sessions will be in the main building. Pre-conference and most of the sessions will take at the Institute of Education (Jakobi St 5, about 5 min from the main building). All conference rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment. Free Wi-Fi (network name: ut-public) is available in all conference rooms.


Tartu is a small gem located at a convenient distance from the main European hubs of connection. It is just the right size, charming and not too crowded, while offering plenty to see for a few days' visit. This year, Tartu together with Southern Estonia, will be the European Capital of Culture, so many other events will take place throughout the year. Find all information on cultural attractions, events and transportation on the website of Visit Tartu.  


In Tartu you find yourself in a green city – parks spread out here, and the winding Emajõgi River beautifies every season throughout the town.

In autumn, it is relaxing to walk along the banks of the river and even swim at its beaches.wink

Tartu's old town offers delightful examples of architectural styles from the Middle Ages to modern contemporary architecture. Thanks to its universities, Tartu is known as a city of science, promoting science through museums and events to its residents and visitors. 


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