Premium Class greenhouses direct from the manufacturer

Heikkinen OÜ is the Nordic countries' most trusted manufacturer of premium class greenhouses and sells its products under the EcoSlider brand. Our mission is to produce the best priced, reliable, durable and user-friendly greenhouses.

 All those who fill in the form will be entered into a draw to win one free greenhouse installation and transport within Estonia. If you find it difficult to decide on a greenhouse, write in a comment or question in the from, we will call you back and give advice.

  • The draw for the free installation will take place on 27. 05. 2022
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Campaign conditions

All those who fill in the form will be entered into a lottey to win a free greenhouse installation.

  • The draw for the free installation will take place on 027. 05. 2022.

All greenhouse subscribers are entitled to the following discounts:

  • -25% discount on the installation fee for the greenhouse ordered.
  • Reduction of the fee for the dismantling of the existing old greenhouse
  • Payment in instalments for the greenhouse ordered
  • Payment in instalments: the contract fee is 0 EUR 
  • No down payment
  • 0% intres for the first 6 months, thereafter interest - 7,9%.
  • Contract period up to 5 years

Contacts of organizer

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