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I'm glad you've found your way to my sewing homepage! 

I'm happy to be doing what I love - sewing. Sewing is my job and my hobby. I trained as a tailor and now work full time in a small sewing company. I am a mother to three girls and grandmother to five grandchildren. Thanks to my five little ones I have spent most of my free time sewing items for children in recent years.

I started with sewing bodysuits, trousers, dresses and hats, but what I enjoy most is (re)creating different types of carriage parts and accessories - canopies, seat covers, thermal bags, foot covers and accessory bags. I've been sewing these as a hobby for a couple of years now, and I've given a new look to many a worn-out strollers that has seen its days. I've also made extra covers for BabyBjörn chairs and helped to recreate baby comforters that are simply no longer available in the shops.

I'm based in Hiiumaa and will send the products you order to parcel machines all over Estonia. If you also want to give your stroller a new look, feel free to contact me!

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Mäe, Villamaa, 92261 Hiiu County, Estonia


Foot cover

I really like the way you've gathered the ink at the seam transitions! It's not always considered very important, but it adds so much neatness. I also like that there are two loops. My current hot bag (Voksi Explorer) has the exact same thing. And that reflector on the front is definitely a nice touch too. It's not too prominent, but it's there.


I have nothing but praise for this wonderful work. The communication was fast and everything I asked for I got, plus there is an extra pocket for the monitor which is such a great idea and works supper well. Before there was always the problem of where to put it, but now this pocket inside the canopy saves us this problem. The built in mosquito net is also such a good idea, although I haven't used it yet, but when the weather gets warmer again it will definitely come in handy.
What was also such a nice surprise, was that at the beginning they promised to have the rack ready by the end of Oct, beginning of Nov, but much to my surprise I got a letter already in mid October that the rack was ready.

Thanks again!


I am super happy! Service, quality and price very very good! Thank you!


The canopy is so gorgeous and footrest cover was such a lovely surprise???? thank you thank you????


I still have to sing your praises! Such a quality job! It fits so nicely. Not clumsy at all and just cobbled together! You can immediately see the love for the work! Really, I'm in a puppy fever!

Bumbleride Indie footmuff

"I ordered a winter warming bag from Dhea Design, I wanted the bag not to be too warm but at the same time not too insulated for the spring-autumn period. My own wish was to fit the baby in the warming bag in the crisper weather, together with the dressing gown etc., as he doesn't want to stay in the warming bag all the time after waking up and wants to sit and watch what's going on around him. It was important that he wasn't too hot with his winter clothes on, and that I didn't have to add hundreds of blankets etc to the pram when it was cold to walk around. I liked the fact that my public post on the search for a warm bag was approached with an offer, but not in the classic "go to my page and look at my products" style, but with a plan that matched my vision. Once we agreed on expectations with Dhea Design, the work was done very quickly and the goods were soon in hand. The work was of high quality and we also discussed the tag link with Dhea Design, how the bag would fit etc. I pointed out some unforeseen bottlenecks, which did not hinder the use of the bag in any way, but what improvements we could have made. By and large I was happy with the work done and found no faults to put right. All the more was my surprise when Dhea Design itself came up with a number of ideas on how I could be one hundred percent happy with the product. I grabbed one of the options offered, made some improvements to the commissioned work, and I can say that I am extremely satisfied.

Not to concentrate on the product itself, which is of course very good value for money and, for someone who has had some contact with sewing, is beautiful to look at - beautiful and minimalist at the same time - I would just like to point out the sincerity and kindness with which I was approached as a customer when we made improvements to the product. This desire for the customer to be 100% satisfied with the product was so surprising, as many companies don't have that kind of perfectionism. Thank you Dhea Design, I dare to recommend you in the future, always ???? ???? Thank you Dhea Design."


Dear Dhea, thank you again for meeting me and making it possible to order a hot water bag from Estonia to Finland in a very short time. My son literally hated all kinds of customs and today, when we tested the first time the thermal bag you made, he slept like a little puppy in the winter sleep. Thank you also for your fast and efficient communication. In addition, for the professional and high quality work. And of course, I don't have to mention that the beanie (especially the fabric) is even more beautiful in real life than on the photos. It's a pleasure to be able to ride around with such a beautiful beanie this winter!

I'm very grateful that I accidentally stumbled upon your Facebook page
Your crafts are wonderful!

Bumbleride Indie covers replacement

I am so happy with the new covers . Thank you Dhea Design. 


I am overjoyed. The colour is so beautiful and everything fits so well! The work is quick and very neat. Thank you very much.


The ordered footmuff is a supper helper in today's weather, the wind didn't blow anywhere in the baby's face, he could sleep peacefully.
Mega nice and cute too.


Many thanks for a wonderful and functional canopy. We are very pleased!


Great job! 

I wished Mirose a summer refresh and got an even more fierce result than I expected.
The insect net inside the arch is just the best! 

Easy to communicate with and quick work!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, the new foot cover is an indispensable companion!

In our gloomy summer, it protects the baby so nicely from wind and rain! The seat cushioning is super beautiful , eye-catching and functional. Little bumps and dusty feet can be easily wiped off! The cotton side was indispensable in hot weather! We are satisfied and grateful, especially for the pleasant communication and the fast and quality work!!! ❤️


Thank you very much for the pleasant communication and for your support! The customer interaction was very personal and lovely. The quality of the armrest is superb and fits the trolley perfectly. 

It was especially nice to walk in the rainy weather today, the baby was completely protected from the rain thanks to the shade.


Many thanks to you for the beautiful footwear! I received it today and it is very beautiful, now we have to wait for the golden and colourful autumn 


Once again, many many thanks from me, the armrest is exactly as I wanted and even more beautiful. I am very pleased and I am looking forward to receiving the basket cover, so that our future princess will have a breed of her own. Dhea does simply the most wonderful job!


Mäe, Villamaa, 92261 Hiiu County, Estonia