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AICB Conference 2023

The rationale of the AICB Conference

With ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was catapulted into the consciousness of the general population almost overnight. And it immediately became clear: AI is here to stay and will take a place in both private and business life.

The question that instantly arises is what role will AI play in the future for central banks? What opportunities does AI open up, but also what dangers & risks need to be considered from a central bank’s perspective. Also, what measures need to be taken by a central bank to fulfill its responsibility as regulator and supervisor of the financial market ? And, of course : how can AI be used to increase efficiency?

The AI in Central Banking (or short AICB) Conference was created to address these and many more questions.

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Chamerstrasse 56, 6300 Zug / Switzerland

The conference program

The conference program will include topics related to AI that are of relevance to central banks, regulators and organizations in the financial industry.

In particular, the opportunities & possibilities that AI opens up in the respective areas, but also the risks & dangers, will be examined. Different organizations will show their case studies and share with the participants their findings and experiences in the field of AI.

The topics that will be examined at the AICB Conference will help the conference participants to prepare for the upcoming challenges related to AI

Who should attend?

The AICB Conference is designed for representatives of central banks, the financial industry, including commercial banks, academia, regulators and policy makers who are concerned with the topic of AI.

The AICB Conference provides a platform for interested parties to meet and learn more about AI. Likewise, the event offers the opportunity to network with colleagues from the community.


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About Us

The AICB Conference is organized by Lighthouse Communications LLC (, an entity registered and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

Conferences organized by Lighthouse Communications are characterized by their high-quality content and innovative formats, which support learning and foster communication among the participants. Conferences organized by Lighthouse Communications LLC are:

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Chamerstrasse 56, 6300 Zug / Switzerland

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