Welcome to Coolbet and our own-developed gaming site and sportsbook software. Coolbet holds Estonian, Swedish and Maltese gaming licenses. The company is located in the centre of Tallinn, with more than 300 employees from 40+ different countries.

Coolbet strives to be fair, personal and open with information that you will rarely find on other gaming sites. Coolbet aims to improve the knowledge our customers have for online gaming. We will continue to focus on product development and innovation, and set new standards for responsible gaming.

Just in case you were wondering, the name Coolbet was chosen for 2 specific reasons. Firstly, because it is short and almost impossible to forget. And secondly , because we want our customers to “Stay Cool and Bet Responsibly” which is also promoted as our positioning statement.

The Coolbet management brings over 90 years of online gaming experience to the table. And they have assembled a staff that is second to none in the industry to give you, our customer the very best service in everything we do!

We have a great atmosphere and highly skilled people you will love to work and have fun with. In our team, you’ll have a chance to do a lot only by taking the initiative. If you are energetic and with an enthusiastic attitude toward the job, then grab the opportunity now! 

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