Insignia Group OÜ

Insignia is a manufacturer of furniture, established in 2014, based in Leisi, Saaremaa. The
company is implementing a rapid growth strategy, resulting in a number of vacancies for ambitious
individuals. Although production takes place at our factory in Saaremaa, several of the
jobs offered—such as those relating to product design and sales and marketing—are suitable
for remote working, so are relevant to people living in any part of Estonia.

We are keen to recruit personnel for the following roles:

  • Product designer
  • Sales and marketing
  • CNC machinery operator
  • Woodworking craftsman

The majority of sales are currently to trade customers, for whom furniture and furniture
components are produced according to client requirements. Our strategy for growth is based
on the design, production and marketing of a new range of own-brand and customised furniture.
Implementation of this strategy requires development of enabling solutions based on an integrated
synergistic combination of ‘smart’ design and manufacturing processes combined with
high quality traditional woodworking craftsmanship. In parallel, new routes to market will be
developed via innovative approaches to marketing and sales.




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