Ökoviimistlus offers interior finishing services for construction and renovations including:






Installing natural stone.

We have six years of experience in the building industry, four of which we have focussed on interior finishing.

Since natural materials have become more and more popular in recent years and people greatly value healthy living environments, Ökoviimistlus decided to increase its range of services even more. The result is a professional interior finish service based on natural materials.

We offer flexible solutions, value quality and always meet deadlines!





We offer a high-quality painting service to both private and business customers. Properly painted work ensures good, long-lasting results. We will help you choose materials and determine the optimal amount of paint.

We use the following paints:

Decorative paint – The various textures, shades, levels of intensity and gloss of decorative paints allow for truly unique solutions. Perfect for indoor use.

Natural paints (clay, white wash and casein paint)

Conventional paints


Clay plaster – Two of the most important characteristics of clay plaster are its healthiness and eco-friendliness. It is safe for people and the environment alike and does not include any dangerous substances. It also makes rooms more sound- and fireproof.

Lime plaster – Great for interior finishing for its elasticity and moisture-binding properties. These properties create a healthy environment indoors, which is perfect for people suffering from allergies. It is also suitable for bathrooms.

Tadelakt – A traditional Moroccan plaster mixture for finishing waterproof surfaces which is often used in place of ceramic tiles to cover bathroom walls, floors, sinks, bathtubs and surface areas. It looks effective and unique.

We also use gypsum, classic plaster, decorative plaster and more.


Nowadays using wallpaper is a common trend in interior design. Conventional wallpaper is unique, durable and easy to clean and maintain – and sometimes it can even be easier to maintain than painted walls.

Wallpaper creates a cosy atmosphere and makes your home unique. When we compare plain single-colour wallpaper to a painted wall of the same colour, the wallpapered walls create a warmer and cosier atmosphere. But you do not have to wallpaper an entire room. Wallpapered and painted walls are often combined, which is especially popular in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Using wallpaper is especially clever when renovating old buildings, as it conceals defects.


We offer a high-quality tiling service to private and business customers. Proper tiling ensures good, long-lasting results. We also help you with measurements, choosing materials and determining the quantity of tiles needed.

Should you wish to cover your bathroom, sauna, pool, kitchen, hallway, stairwell or any other room with tiles, simply contact us!

We use the following materials:

Natural stone – Natural stone produces interesting and outstanding results in interior design. The stone can be installed on the floor, walls (sauna or shower room), fireplaces and terraces. Natural stone is very long-lasting.


We install new floors and renovate old wooden floors.

You often require more than just high-quality materials for decent and durable floors. The quality of installation and the installers' professionalism can be considered equally important. We certainly recommend that you ask for professional advice when you build a new house or renovate an old one.

We know what various materials are like and the proper way of installing them. We use high-quality tools and give advice on the selection of materials. Our goal is to offer quality that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

Use of Natural Materials

The most important qualities of natural materials are their healthiness, ecological properties and eco-friendliness. Natural materials maintain balance in terms of the moisture and temperature indoors. Synthetic paints are film-like and prevent air from moving freely, causing moisture to condense – as such, surfaces may become mouldy.

Such materials also spread unpleasant odours and harmful substances over a long period. Natural materials can be used in new houses and also when restoring old ones.

Do you know precisely why natural materials are better than regular finishing materials? Here you will find the reasons!

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