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Water-based underfloor heating solutions

Using underfloor heating to heat a living space ensures the best and most even heat distribution around the room. It also allows you to easily and conveniently adjust each room's temperature separately.

Besides the air temperature, underfloor heating also raises the floor's temperature, making it comfortable for your feet and being important in avoiding mould in moist rooms (saunas, bathrooms and shower rooms).

One of the strengths of underfloor heating is that it does not cause much movement of dust due to even radiation of heat from the floor and the low temperature of heating water (35-40°C). Such a heating solution saves energy, is easy to control and is compatible with various heat sources and devices.

Underfloor heating systems can be installed in a mass layer of reinforced concrete foam or, in the case of a dry solution, using light and thin Flooré aluminium foil-covered installation panels. Flooré can be used in construction or renovations: it makes underfloor heating installation fast and easy and the system is ready for use immediately.

We also offer a full solution from design to installation along with choosing matching products. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by quality materials and our 20 years of experience.





Underfloor heating made simple!

  • A simple, space-saving underfloor heating solution
  • Can be used in construction or renovations
  • Ready for use immediately after installation
  • DIY – you can also easily install it yourself

The thinnest Flooré panel raises a floor by just 13 mm. Due to such a small change in height, this solution can be used in both new and renovated buildings.

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Underfloor heating pipes

FLEXPERT-FLOOR is a five-layer pipe. Its oxygen barrier is protected from damage and is found in the pipe's interlayer. Due to the PE-RT materials used, the pipes have increased flexibility, which makes them easy to handle even at low temperatures. The strength of FLEXPERT-FLOOR pipes is their persistent and invariable defence against oxygen diffusion, increased resistance to pressure and better resistance to aging.

FLEXPERT-FLOOR pipes are made in Germany and their technical characteristics surpass all requirements and standards.

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Collectors for underfloor heating systems

The Italian company R.B.M. Spa is the international leader in heat system manufacturing. An important aspect of their work is developing and producing chromed underfloor heating collectors made of composite material and brass which enable precise configuration.

Besides collectors, we also use R.B.M's loading units and other components, where necessary, to ensure that all products are compatible and that the system will work flawlessly for years.

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Comfort and savings under control

Node Control is a line of underfloor heating automatic controls which includes devices connected via a cable and wireless radio solutions. The line also includes indoor thermostats, floor sensors, control units and transmitters.

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We are constantly looking for new solutions so as to offer our customers the best products in our industry. A good example is the EBERLE automatic control device, which is compatible with all of our products.

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