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HomeExpo 2018

HomeExpo 2018, targeted to home owners, is an international exhibition organized by OnlineExpo. We encourage participation from all companies that offer home owners innovative and interesting solutions regarding construction, renovation and decoration. Also companies that deal with creating and promoting smart technologies, supplying or deploying new or ecological building materials as well as those providing other relevant services such as financing, insurance, property management and purchasing-related activities.

If you recognize that your company can potentially benefit from being exposed to the wide target group of home owners and you would like to share your know-how, just register on this page to get further details on the opportunities tailored to the needs of your company.




Easy to visit and participate

Online Expo saves time and money. Access is guaranteed 24/7. It is accessible internationally from whatever location.
No need to interact with random visitors. Stands focused on the Expo theme help visitors to remember the companies and products more effectively.
Just by one click You get access to more information from the Exponents homepage.
Information is easily found, comparable and specifiable from the Expo...



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