World of Saunas

The sauna is a lifestyle!

The therapeutic effect of heat and steam has been known for a long time. Sitting in a sauna improves blood circulation, activates the immune system, increases muscle tone, relaxes the central nervous system and strengthens the body.

Saunamaailm offers everything sauna fans could ever want! We help you build the sauna of your dreams, sell sauna products and even invite you to enjoy a refreshing sauna experience in the Sauna Village!

We have been active on the Estonian market since 1998. We build saunas and spas all over the word: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, France etc.




Sauna Village

Never before have you been in such a place of plenty, where your tired body and weary soul find relaxation and peace and where people can feel as one with nature and enjoy the sauna's atmosphere.

Sauna Village is a very comfortable and pleasant resort where visitors are greeted all year around. What do we care about bad weather when there's a fire crackling in the fireplace and you are dizzy from the scent of the forest! Here you can feel relaxed, talk to one another endlessly and also try the delicious homemade beer. It is a place where the body is cleansed and rests and where your soul is filled with peace.

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Saunamaailm opened its store in 1999.

At that point we were one of the first companies that wished to improve people's health via saunas. Thus the idea was born to open a store selling sauna equipment.

We have constantly improved over the last decade and the store is growing all the time. We offer a wide selection of sauna equipment, which makes the sauna experience better, easier and more efficient for everyone!

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Planning on building a sauna in your country house, home or apartment? Want a small sauna cottage with a Finnish sauna or a steam sauna for your apartment? Considering a spa-themed solution? Or are you perhaps a steadfast fan of a steam sauna? If you need advice, good ideas or construction assistance, you are in the right place. We will help you build the sauna of your dreams!

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