Citadele | Housing Loan

Citadele offers housing loans that make a good solution for purchasing, building or renovating a home!

We guarantee a personal and flexible approach to each loan applicant and our professionals are happy to provide the most relevant advice.




Benefits of Citadele housing loan

  • financing for up to 85% of the price of real estate, with the surety by SA Kredex for up to 90%,
  • services are also provided for non-clients of Citadele bank,
  • individual floating interest rate,
  • a possibility to apply for a repayment holiday,
  • free consulting,
  • personal loan administrator.

Citadele housing loan conditions

  • The amount of loan starting from 5000 EUR,
  • Repayment term up to 30 years,
  • Purchasable real estate as main security,
  • Self-financing starting from 15%,
  • Scheduled monthly repayment,
  • An opportunity to apply for a payment holiday.


The most convenient way to apply for a housing loan is to fill out an application on the webpage

Book a consultation via eluasemelaen@citadele.ee

Important information

Annual percentage rate of charge is 3.71% on following conditions: loan amount 70 000 EUR, loan term 30 years, unfixed interest rate 3.5% (margin +6 month Euribor). Housing loan is secured by mortgage. Mandatory home insurance, insurance payment depends on the real estate and the insurer.

Every finance-related decision involves risks and responsibilities, so we kindly ask every applicant to consider the necessity of a loan very carefully.

Find more information about the conditions atwww.citadele.ee and consult our specialists.


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