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ProCon knows that a smart course of action and proper appliances help save on heating costs. We offer high-quality stoves and heating systems that make houses warm, cosy and truly stylish.

ProCon also offers contemporary, all-in-one solutions for producing and using energy,high-requirement industrial valves, control and safety devices and a range of complex devices for specific uses.

We help you find ways of using existing resources more efficiently and offer technical support and maintenance on all of our devices.

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Hybrid Stoves

Instead of the usual pre-built stoves, we make customised solutions according to your wishes. You can choose the dimensions (with or without an oven), design and built-in extra functions you prefer (e.g. a viewing window for the fire chamber or a glass ceramic hotplate) for your stove.

We are constantly upgrading our products. For instance, the Varioline series was recently visually upgraded. The result is complete design harmony, created by a flat stove frame and horizontal handrails with handles, all of which are made of stainless steel. And of course, we also highly value comfort. Keeping this in mind, we have made the fire chamber particularly easy to access.

Varioline is a sign of unique style. Our range includes designer series such as Classic, Ceramic, Rustikal and Salzburg Style.

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Pellet Stoves

Smoothness you want to touch.

Want to decorate your house with something extraordinary? Then this masterpiece is right for you. Its surface is covered with quality natural brown skin – a completely heat-proof material with a high load capacity which is, of course, warm, soft and smooth.

Who would have thought that a stove would tempt you to stroke it? This compact pellet stove fills any room with pleasantly cosy warmth and is easy to use. The stove comes with a room thermostat (with a remote-controlled version also available) that allows you to automatically regulate the room temperature.

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Hybrid Heating Stoves

Aqua Insert +P with two combustion chambers allows users to choose between a cosy fire and effective pellet heating.

Another heat source can be integrated, such as a solar heating system or a heat pump. Besides its perfect technical solution, Aqua Insert +P also stands out for its stylish design, which we offer in three different versions. Set it up on your living room floor or create an individual solution and integrate Aqua Insert +P as a built-in version as part of your living space.

Aqua Insert +P is a cost- and space-saving alternative to traditional heating, and combined with a solar energy system or a heat pump it can be used as a CO2-neutral central heating solution all year round.

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Hybrid and Pellet Boilers

This double combustion chamber device links a unique system of combined pellet and wood-based heating system, sensors for both fuels and a smart control solution. This guarantees the best combustion quality even during the warming and transition stages (fewer emissions and smaller fuel consumption) and it is 100% automatically controlled, without any manual intervention.

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