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Hiring a designer – is it worth it?

Designing a room may seem to be child's play at first glance – both exciting and cool at the same time. But once you get down to it, it turns out that a good result requires so much work and planning that have no clue where you should begin. How is it possible to find your way in the dizzying world of styles, furniture, art, colours and decorations?

That's where a professional designer service comes in. Designers do not only manage decorations, choose wallpaper and carry out cosmetic fine-tuning. A professional designer is able to bring true harmony into your home, extending from the floor plan and the building's exterior to even the smallest details.

Designers make rooms beautiful and functional. They are able to take aesthetic principles and your lifestyle into consideration and know how to achieve the desired atmosphere, emphasise the building's positive features and find an appropriate solution for less glamorous elements, such as wall sockets and ventilation openings.

Moreover, professionals always come with reliable partners among retailers, artists and other experts who can bring even more value to your interior.




When Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

As soon as you start planning your house, you should consider to what extent you require the services of an interior designer. Ideally the designer should be included during the initial phase. This allows the designer to chime in where room planning is concerned and help the customer create a desirable and functional solution.

In fact, it pays off to consult an interior designer with any design-related questions, as they can help you create a cosy and pleasant home even under the most difficult conditions. And as with any kind of teamwork, the key to success is expressing your thoughts clearly and finding productive synergy. Unhindered communication leads to a home where the atmosphere will remain pleasant for years to come!

Teamwork with the Interior Designer

Once you have found an interior designer, provide them with your project plans and an overview of your ideas and style preferences – magazine pictures will do. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the ideas you find in magazines and online may not fit your home in exactly the same way. A good designer sees your house as a whole and is able to assess what will or won’t correspond to your needs.

First the interior designer checks the location of your home's utility systems and then thinks about the placement of furniture and other fittings (e.g. lights). Based on their practical experience, the designer helps you combine colours and materials. They recommend finishing and interior elements, but it is generally up to the customer to make the final decision. Such an approach allows the customer to feel freer in terms of budget and avoids situations where a designer forces their ideas on somebody purely for the purpose of self-gain.

Partnership for Years to Come

Generally it is better to use the services of one specific interior designer, as there may be inconsistencies between the work and preferences of different designers.

You should also remember that if you are unhappy with your previous designer and hire a new one, their work will start from scratch – they will delve into the project, any work that has been completed and the customer's preferences, starting with a clean slate

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