Escape Room

You like challenges and solving riddles? Looking for a challenging and fun activities to spend time with friends? Come and try to escape our theme rooms and discover an entirely new kind of entertainment! Invite 2-6 good friends, and you can choose between a five completely different põgenemistoa.
Family and friends

If you often find yourself in a situation where everyday in the evening I would really like to do something interesting, but their usual visit to the cinema and bowling is no longer providing the tension? Our põgenemistoad is a great way for spending your time with your family and friends marvelously. Visit us on the second floor of a pilot center, and quality time with friends and family in the company can be yours for a new meaning.
Corporate Events

Are you tired of the usual and boring corporate events? Several studies have shown that improving teamwork through interactive activities, up to 70% more efficient. Room Escape provides an excellent opportunity to organize company events for up to fifty people. Be sure to ask us for the supply of different training packages!


Visiting Tallinn and running out of ideas what to do? Escape Room is offering many different escape games to drown your thirst for adventure. Our interactive escape games will leave you dazzled and most importantly offer a quality time for you and your friends. We guarantee this is the best way to spend some free time in the center of Tallinn and you will be wondering how can 60 minutes fly past so quick. Call us now and book your adventure!





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