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Home is more than just bricks, glass, doors and windows. Home is also the Singer Sewing Machine inherited from your grandparents, your first couch and children's hand-made birthday presents. If something happens to your home, next to the loss of memories and sentimental objects is the financial burden and stress. Therefore, Compensa is committed to protecting what is truly valuable to you. You can focus on exciting and new challenges with a peace of mind and with the knowledge that your home and property with all the valuables are in safe hands with Compensa Home Insurance.

The Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, an affiliate of ADB Estonia, is part of the Vienna Insurance Group, a leading insurance group in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. Compensa began offering property insurance services in Estonia at the beginning of 2016. Our portfolio includes both private and corporate property insurance products. Today, we have grown to more than 20,000 clients using our service.




Why to ensure your home?

Home insurance is of help if the home and household assets are held in a sudden accident or if an accident has caused damage to third parties. As the damage is almost always a lot higher than the monthly premium, home insurance provides a peace of mind to unforeseen events in the home.

It is also possible to insure solely home or home property.

Did you know?

When you go to the store and lock your bike by the shop and the bike will get stolen, then Compensa home insurance will cover that?

If children play ball and break the neighbour’s window, then Compensa liability insurance will compensate the damage to the neighbour?

If there is a burst of a water pipe or a broken door lock in your home, Compensa home assistance will help you 24/7?

Home contents are also covered when they are kept in a storage room or an ancillary building?

When your child loses the keys at school, Compensa will compensate the exchange of the door lock with no cost to you?

Compensa compensates damages caused by faulty construction or repair work?

Built-in furniture is also insured with your home?

What does Compensa home insurance include?

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