Real Estate Village is a place where a potential homeowner can find everything needed for a new property. You can also find all the latest real estate offers and ways to get finance for a new property and furnishing.

Entering Real Estate Village gives visitors a chance to get all the answers and detailed information fast and without the need to leave their seats. They know that the person behind the screen is not a broker or secretary with a huge workload but a real estate or a finance specialist who is ready for an active communication. We welcome all visitors interested in real estate market’s current situation or are planning to rent or buy new property. Also everyone actively looking for a new home and would like to have all the data needed available in one place.

Perfect place for visitor to find all the information they need and help make decisions without leaving home!

See you in the Real Estate Hall!


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The mission of Kinnisvarakool OÜ is to increase the professionalism of the people at ralestate market.

We organize real estate and legal training for brokers, valuers, public sector employees, real estate developers and private individuals.

In addition, we deal with the publishing of real estate manuals.




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