Termex is a privately owned company specialising in ventilation solutions.

We import and retail ventilation devices and accessories. We promote local heat recovery ventilation, meaning that ventilation is carried out according to need. Our message is simple: don't just vent, ventilate as needed!

We have been cooperating with Meltem, a German company, for 10 years. We have plenty of experience world-wide and are certain that we will find the best solution for both houses and apartment buildings.





Meltem M-WRG’s devices are used to create local heat recovery ventilation solutions in one or more rooms or even in an entire apartment. The devices are installed on an external wall, aligned with the upper edge of a window where possible. CO2-rich air and the accumulated condensed water are channelled outside via a plate heat exchanger. Fresh air from outside is funnelled into the room in the same way – via the plate heat exchanger – where it mixes with the warm air under the ceiling and creates a cosy atmosphere in the room.

The device comes with automatic cold protection, which maintains a +4°C temperature inside the heat exchanger. We recommend using the device during cold weather as well and not turning it off. You will not have to worry about maintenance almost at all: simply change the filters once a year to keep the heat exchanger's surface clean. The device alerts you when its filter requires changing.


Smart solutions are always welcome! It is particularly clever to use a single device to ventilate two adjacent rooms, such as a living room and bedroom.

In such a case the device should be installed in the living room. Suction takes place in the living room, while fresh air is directed into the bedroom via an additional adapter. Thus the bedroom air is always nice and fresh, and even if you are in the living room, the fresh air still travels there from the bedroom.


Good practice is to change filters once a year.

If the device is near your kitchen or if there is no exhaust fan above the stove, the suction filters should be checked slightly more often and changed if needed. That is because the grease released into the air while cooking is the most damaging substance for filters.

The suction filter should also be thoroughly cleaned before winter to make sure the condensation water can be channelled outside without any problems.


Our devices have a G4 filter with a total area of 0.36 m2 which effectively removes dust and pollen. The device requires two filters – one for suction and the other for blowing.

We also offer an FK activated carbon filter (class F6) with a total area of 0.12 m2. This filter consists of a double-layer non-woven microfiber cloth and several layers of activated carbon. These remove even the finest of particles and capture excessive smell and unhealthy gases (e.g. gasoline fumes, nitrogen oxide and ozone) coming from outside. These filters are only used for sucking air in.

We also offer an F7 filter with a total area of 0.32 m2 for people suffering from allergies. This double-layer non-woven microfiber filter removes fine particles measuring up to 0.4 microns and most bacteria.

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