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What first impression do you make on employer?

Today, more and more recruiters are using a solution that requires job applicants to record a video of themselves answering a set of questions. This is called for asynchronous video interviews. To prepare you for this type of recruitment, we offer you a unique opportunity to train for such a situation. You can practice job interview and get feedback in either English or Ukrainian.

You can record the video with either your phone or computer camera and no matter what time or where you are. Your recorded video will not be seen by anyone but you. In addition to practicing, you will also have the unique opportunity to get feedback on your first impression from the AI. Based on your recorded video, the AI will analyse your personality traits, current emotions and word usage. The feedback will be sent to you automatically within a few minutes of recording the video. To do this, you will need to enter your email address

iVCV is a company based in Estonia, whose artificial intelligence is based on extensive research data and is evidence-based. For more information on iVCV and their privacy policy, please visit iVCV from the website.

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