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Maxima - we are proud of our team!

Since 2009 Maxima has been running Angle Tree charity campaign. With the help of store visitors we collect gifts for those who really need them: children in need. In the month of December, Angle Trees will be placed in Maxima stores all over Estonia. They will be decorated with children's names and their Christmas wishes. These names are collected with the help of child protection and social workers of respective city, district or local municipality.

Fulfilling the wishes will bring joy to many children for whom a gift from an Angel Tree may be the only one. Every year, Maxima’s Angel Tree charity campaign collects around 2000 gifts. These are delivered to the children with the help of local child protection and social workers.

Since 2018 Maxima has been publishing a children’s book. As in 2019, the three best-selling books in Estonia in 2020 were the children's book "I care about Estonia", written by Heli Illipe-Sootak and published by Maxima – the first place went to the Estonian version and the second to the Russian version of the book.

The third most popular book was "Let's invent! Dio, Aiti and Estonian Friends", a puzzle book with exciting tasks by Ekaterina Lomaško, Sales Development Project Manager in Maxima Estonia’s Sales Department. Children's book "I care about Estonia!" was the follow-up to the hugely successful "Our Estonia" and "My Estonian Adventure" books.

Maxima stores in Estonia serve an average of 140,000 people every day and Maxima employs nearly 3,700 people in Estonia. In 2020, the retail chain had a turnover of €502.9 million. As a result, Maxima continues to be among the TOP10 largest companies, employers and taxpayers in Estonia.

Maxima Estonia is part of Maxima Grupé, a Lithuanian retail group with more than 1,300 stores in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Bulgaria. In total, Maxima Group employs nearly 40 000 people and serves more than 1,3 million people per day. 

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Retail chain Maxima has been operating in Estonia since 2001. There are 84 Maxima stores across Estonia. This includes 59 Maxima X home stores, 22 Maxima XX supermarkets and 3 Maxima XXX hypermarkets. Also, the company consists of 12 production units and a central warehouse. For Maxima it is important to provide customers with high quality and Estonian origin products.

In 2015 Maxima became the first retail chain to open an online store for food and consumer goods. Initially it was called e-Maxima and renamed Barbora in October 2018. In 2020, we were the first retail chain in Estonia to launch a mobile app for making the shopping experience more convenient. It also received the Retail Innovation of the Year 2020  award.

Maxima values every Estonian family and their time. We work as a united team to make sure that every family has the opportunity to buy what their family needs in our stores. We work every day to make sure that what you need is there and always fresh as well as cheap.

With good value shopping basket you save more, so you have more time and money to spend on your family’s needs. In addition to low prices we also offer the fastest and contactless way to shop – Maxima app is just what you need if you value your time and security when shopping.

At every step we are looking for ways to offer our customers the best price, the highest quality and most varied assortment of goods and services. Our whole team holds these Maxima values in high regard:

- we work for shoppers' well-being;

- we are a united team;

- we believe that everyone matters;

- and we just take action and get it done!

Maxima values an individual's right to freely choose his or her field of activity, profession and job, regardless of the extent of his or her ability to work. That's why we are also a member of the Employers' Association, which brings together employers who treat people with reduced work capacity equally with all other job applicants and employees.

It is important for Maxima that all employees feel comfortable in the organisation and that is why we are members of PARE (Estonian Human Resource Management Association), in order to continuously improve the quality of HR management. Maxima is also a member of Estonian Traders’ Association and Estonian Employers' Confederation. As Maxima has made it its mission to support people in need, we have also been working with Estonian Food Bank for some time.

Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

To contact us choose one of the icons from above or leave us a quick Facebook message using the button below.

Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

To contact us choose one of the icons from above or leave us a quick Facebook message using the button below.