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  • For Educational Institutions

For Educational Institutions

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund’s virtual Work and Career Fair is happening for the sixth time. Over the years, both the possibilities of the fair and the audience have expanded - in autumn 2022 more than 29,000 visitors participated. This is the big event of the year, where you too have the opportunity to be in the spotlight!

With us, you can show your institution to tens of thousands of curious people who are looking for new challenges in the world of education or work, who are consciously developing their career and who want to choose a suitable employer or school for their work or studies.

Participation in the fair is FREE for everyone, and you can register for the fair as an exhibitor from 10 March to 4 April.

Put your school on the screen!

Are you a representative of a vocational or higher education institution?

Everyone who is planning to or is about to take their next steps in the world of education or work is invited to the fair. That means you have the opportunity to introduce your school to anyone who would like to start studying, whether it is a middle school student acquiring basic education or a person already immersed in the world of work as an adult.

Design a unique virtual fair booth where you:

  • Highlight the majors and learning opportunities offered at your school;
  • Are available for interested people to reach out to using a convenient chat room to answer questions;
  • Arrange online meetings;
  • Invite those who are interested to get to know the school on a virtual house tour or through photos/videos.

Choose a combination of the above that suits you or organise something completely new!  It is very easy to participate – just fill out the registration form below. Throughout the process, you will be supported by the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the OnlineExpo team in technical matters and other relevant questions.

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