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Student shadowing gives you the opportunity to meet students studying at a school that interests you. As a student shadow, you'll experience what a school day is like, the conditions and environment of the school, and the specific characteristics of the subject. During the day, you can meet teachers and other students and get the information you need before you make your choice.

If you're looking for a student shadowing opportunity, you can check out all the schools that are willing to offer you the chance at the Job and Career Fair from 11th April. To do this:

  1. Look on the Schools page to see all the schools offering a student shadowing opportunity. Search for a sign  STUDENT SHADOW 
  2. Find a school that suits you, contact them and find out how, who and when you could shadow.

In April, Tuleviku Tegijad will also be holding a Spring Shadowing Month, which will showcase both student and job shadowing opportunities. You can view the offers and find the one that's right for you from below.


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