Adjara. Batumi

One of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, Ajara is situated in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline. Ajara operates as an autonomous republic in Georgia and has its own flag and coat of arms. Turkey borders Ajara to the south.

Christianity started to spread throughout Georgia in the 1st cent. AD from Ajara, and it became the state religion in the 4th cent. AD. The apostles Andrew and Simon preached in Georgia. 

Today, Ajara is home to a variety of religions. In the same day, you can visit Christian orthodox churches, mosques, synagogues, and Catholic and Armenian churches.

Batumi - the "Pearl of the Black Sea" as it is often called - is administrative centre of Ajara. European architects undertook numerous projects in Batumi at the beginning of the 20th cent. Today, Batumi is still a place of numerous architectural innovations.

Ajara is home to the picturesque beaches of Batumi, Kvariati, Sarpi, Gonio, Tsikhisdziri, Mtsvane Kontskhi (the Green Cape) and Kobuleti. During the summertime, the beaches are often crowded with tourists enjoying their holidays.

Ajara's climate is subtropical, with mild winters and hot summers. The Black Sea coastline is humid compared with highland regions. The mountains are distinguished by the considerable amountof snowfall they receive, which sometimes reachesseveral meters. 




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