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Visit Tumen with Russia-DMC!

Siberia - a strange, beautiful, distant, unknown land, it receives and connects everything that enters its territory, which is why here many centuries peacefully coexist different religions and carefully guarded the ancient traditions. Orgomnoe territory, the abundance of natural resources - a real treasure of Russia. City Tyumen, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tobolsk with pleasure will open its doors to you! You can spend an evening in the Siberian plague, to plunge into the atmosphere of the peoples of the north, to try authentic national cuisine, and even learn how to play the khomus!

Tyumen. The evening in the tent

Did you know that the city of Tyumen laid governors Vasily and Ivan bitch meat in July 1586 on the site of the ancient city, the capital city of Tyumen khanate, which was next to the Tatar village Chimgen Tour. In Russian chronicles the XVI century. Tyumen khanate was called "the Great Tyumen". Tumen (tyumyan) in Turkic languages ​​means "the lower reaches of the river", "lowland". The same word means and military units to 10 thousand people of the tribe. Russian name was taken as the name of the new, the first city in Siberia.

City Tyumen was founded as an outpost of the development of Siberia and the Far East. In the XVI and XVII centuries the general population - the service people. In the 1st third of the XVII century, it is often subjected to attacks of the nomads, which is reflected in "The Tale of Tara and Tyumen '(1634). A century later, there were about 2 thousand people after its founding in Tyumen. In October 1695 the wooden city burnt down, then began to develop a stone building. From the stone structures of that time preserved complex of buildings of Holy Trinity Monastery.

"Chum" restaurant-museum. The unique restaurant northern cuisine unique to the Russian establishment, the real hallmark of the city. Restaurant "Chum" is known for its interior, visitors dipped into the atmosphere of the peoples of the north, and authentic cuisine - steak from whitefish, the famous "Saguday", venison and elk with cloudberry sauce. In the dining room there is even a magical corner - the opening of its places sanctified Khanty shaman, say, if you make a wish in this place, it is necessarily true.

Master class on the game khomus

Khomus - Siberian shaman tool that easily fits in the palm and even in the hands of novices from the first minute starts to play. During the master class, participants will be offered different models, in order to experience the features and differences between the sound clips of different people and maybe find your own. At the end of khomus guests receive a gift.

Visit Tumen with Russia DMC!

Khanty-Mansiysk. Ethno Siberia

Did you know that the history of the modern Khanty-Mansiysk starts from 1930, when the working settlement was founded. He appeared in three kilometers from the ancient Siberian village Samarovo, known since 1582. Initially, a new settlement was named Ostyako-Vogulsk. Ostyaks was soon called Hunt and Voguls - Mansi, in connection with which in 1940 was renamed the district of Khanty-Mansiysk. I change the name and village. In the early 1980s, geologists drilled from near the well gushed a fountain of oil. After that, in the vicinity of the Khanty-Mansiysk opened a whole series of fields, among them - the largest in the country - "Ob." The local "Archeopark" includes geological monument (outcrop outcrop), a monument of archeology "Samara town» (XI, XIV, XVIII century) and a sculpture park, depicting animals of the Pleistocene and Paleolithic times people

Excursion around Khanty-Mansiysk

The guests will visit the historical part of the city - Samarovo and monuments of history and architecture,

along the embankment of the Irtysh River. Then the group will go to the territory of cultural

tourist complex "Archeopark" where will acquaintance with the Ice

period: mammoths, woolly rhinos, cave bears, saber-toothed tigers and other

awesome fauna of past millennia. After, the guests got acquainted with the representatives of the peoples

Khanty and Mansi that swept them to the reindeer and meet national


A visit to the ethnographic museum in the open air "Torum-Maa"

Entered the territory of the museum, the group gets into the world of the life of the ancient inhabitants of the West

Siberian Plain. The museum exposition is represented by architectural constructions "Summertime

Khanty camp "," Winter settlement northern Mansi "," Sanctuary of the Ob-Ugric peoples. " Here

Khanty contemporary artist cut wood image of ancient idols.

Dinner in the restaurant "Misne"

Restaurant "Misne" - a place where the ancient culture of Russia and Siberia, known tradition

Russian feast and dishes of national cuisine of the peoples of the East. Stylized under Russian

manor interiors thought to petty details, creating comfort and suffering in the era of the nobles and

merchants who went to seek fortune in the unexplored lands, open Ermak.

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Tobolsk. Architecture of Siberia and the Urals

Did you know that Tobolsk is divided into two parts - the upper and lower because of its unique topography. The city was founded in the summer of 1587 near the confluence of the Tobol and the Irtysh. Tobolsk became the second Russian city in Siberia (Tyumen year was established earlier). Not far from Tobolsk-based (17 kilometers) was the capital of the Siberian Khanate - Isker. It is in these places took place the decisive battle Ermak from the Tartar army.

Tobolsk Kremlin

Tobolsk Kremlin - it is not only the only stone citadel in Siberia, but also a unique

complex of historic monuments, the value of which was the reason for their inclusion in the

federal list of cultural values ​​of the country. The ensemble includes Tobolsk Kremlin

Sophia-Assumption Cathedral with sacristy, bell tower, Bishop's house, tower and wall Rentereya,

complex of buildings of the former palace of the governors, and Gostiny Dvor, Prison Castle and piedmont wall

Pryamskoy vzvoz.

Excursion to the village of Abalak (20 km from Tobolsk)

Abalak village is an ancient settlement that arose on the site before the arrival of Russian. this

the name of the settlement was in the name of the Tatar prince Abalak, the son of the Siberian Khan Mara.

Stay in this ancient capital of Siberia will be memorable not only historical aura and

interesting wooden architecture, but also the Siberian mental openness. Guests tourism

"Abalak" complex will be able to immerse themselves in the era of medieval Russia.

Dinner in the restaurant "White Owl" (p. Alabak)

The restaurant is styled antique and made of cedar. There are several zones: a fireplace area, bar

Stand in fairy-tale style, serving Russian oven. The interior is decorated with hunting trophies.

Girls in national sundresses offer menu, which includes dishes recreated by

Russian cuisine. Each element of the restaurant introduces the Russian traditions. Crockery with

effect modeling clay in folk style, antique shopping utensils suitable

musical background.

Visit Tobolsk with Russia DMC

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