25 November 2017




25 November 2017


Morning coffee, networking @ Prototron meeting area


Ethics in technology – will AI take over the world?
Every technological breakthrough causes several ethical issues, both for the creator and the consumer. How far are we from creating a superior AI that no longer needs the human component? Who is responsible for the actions of an autonomous system? How to make sure that the systems we create share humanities morals and values? Is that even possible?


Key Note speeches:
Jim Dratwa (Head of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies)
Margit Sutrop (Head of the Centre of Ethics, UT)


Panel Discussion: „The biggest challenges in developing safe and ethical AI“
Moderator: Allan Aksiim (Foundation Future Technologies)
Panelists: Margit Sutrop (UT Centre of Ethics, Head), Jim Dratwa (The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, Head), Hannes Vallikivi (Managing Partner of Derling Law Firm, President of the Estonian Bar Association)


Lunch and networking @ Prototron meeting area


Future of Robotics and AI – let’s talk about Deep Tech
Most startups today define themselves as technology startups, but they use technology that is commonly available and easy to replicate. Deep Tech companies, however, are built on solutions that are unique, often hard to replicate, and tied to technological or scientific advances. So how does all this relate to the future of robotics and AI? What are investors looking for in Deep Tech startups? What is the real impact of Deep Tech on segments like autonomous systems, robotics, smart home/cities, clean tech and other emerging application areas?


Key Note speeches:
Priit Ivanov (Hansab Group, Chief Innovation Officer)
Renno Reinurm (Pipedrive, Senior automation and tools engineer)


Panel discussion: „ How to support the creation of more Deep Tech companies?”
Moderator: Rao Pärnpuu (Tallinn Ambassador of City.AI)
Panelists: Kristjan Korjus (Starship Technologies), Priit Ivanov (Hansab Group), Philip Jungen (Angel investor), Renno Reinurm (Pipedrive)


Closing of the conference


Farewell and networking @ Prototron meeting area


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