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24 November 2017


Registration, morning coffee and networking @ Prototron meeting area


Conference opening, greetings


Talents and STEAM – the future of work

Traditional jobs are being taken over by automated systems and robots. This has led to the creation of new jobs, which require a completely different set of skills. Companies, that wish to survive in the competitive market place, must be quick to adapt to meet the customers’ needs. The need for talented workers, who are capable of supporting innovation and creating new technologies, is vast. Where to find these talents? How to support them, so they can reach their full potential?


Key Note speeches:

Roya Mahboob (CEO of Digital Citizen Fund)
Yu Hu (Director of Makeblock EU branch)


Panel discussion: „How to find talented workers?“
Moderator: Hans Lõugas (Editor-in-chief of Genius portal)Panelists: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa (Proekspert, Workplace Happiness Advocate), Russ Fisher-Ives (RoboRave), Yu Hu (Makeblock), Maria Magdaleena Lamp (Jobbatical), Roya Mahboob (Digital Citizen Fund)


Lunch and networking @ Prototron meeting area


Innovations in space technology – no longer just science fiction

Thorough research of the solar system has paved the way for new ambitious plans in space travel and space tourism. Companies in the private sector are looking for ways to expand business outside of our atmosphere. If we are indeed destined to inhabit more than one planet, when can that happen? What are the technologies needed and how far are we from building them?


Key Note speech:

Jaan Praks (Aalto University, Head of Satellite Project)


Panel discussion: „Could we really move to space?“
Moderator: Hans Lõugas (Editor-in-chief of Genius portal)Panelists: Mart Noorma (UT), Rauno Gordon (TTU), Jaan Praks (Aalto Uni)


Summary of the first conference day


Networking @ Prototron meeting area


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