• Ideas for promoting virtual events for an exhibition organizer.

Ideas for promoting virtual events for an exhibition organizer.

One of the big parts of the planning process is event promotion. You can organize the coolest event, but it is important to properly announce this. Depending on the duration of the event, the promotion channels can be the same for both large and small companies. Let's take a look at the opportunities to make a loud statement before an event.

Speak about event to social media groups

There are thousands of groups on various social networks that anyone can freely join. Depending on the topic of the virtual event, find appropriate channels that have the potential to be interested in attending your event.

Cooperate with sponsors

It's your job to advertise sponsors. But who said they can't advertise you too? If the sponsor audience might be relevant to your virtual event, ask them to post an ad on their websites or social media. To save time, prepare in advance the content, like a press release that you would like to publish.


If your virtual event is a regular event, consider setting up a Wikipedia page about it. Tell us about the history of the event, its goals and the impact it has. You can also describe who is behind the processes of organizing the event or add some interesting facts.

Google's hidden features

Google Ads isn't the only thing that can make your virtual event stand out. If your organization has a Google Business account, post your event there. The service also allows you to track performance and check analytics.

Create event on Linkedin

Linkedin recently allowed the creation of separate pages for events. As with Facebook, you can set an event with basic information about the event and it is easier to promote the virtual event on Linkedin

The power of the speakers' words

Make a list of speakers at the event who might have a large audience and ask them for a favor. Speakers  are always happy to share the announcement of their next big talk, encouraging their readers to attend.


If you work with a variety of design, video or sound companies, think of them as an additional source of promotion for your virtual events. If necessary, ask for a post on social media. You can tell about them in publications on your social networks as well.

Forums and event communities

Think about the issues your virtual event could help solve, and then share them in the appropriate forums and communities. Be as specific as possible, as your job is to help first and then promote.

Share your experience

If you're having difficulty marketing content for your event, try talking about what's going on behind the scenes of the organization. Show pictures and videos of preparation, or even stories of problems or setbacks you have encountered. This can help you develop empathy and connection with those following your event.

Create a landing page with a learning blog

Use the event landing page to provide valuable content that people will want to share: articles, lifehacks, interviews will increase the brand awareness of your virtual event and make it more visible.


The combination of these methods will make it easier for you to promote your virtual event. If you are stopped at any stage of planning an event and need advice, book a consultation with an OnlineExpo expert on virtual events. We will help you organize a successful event on any subjects!



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