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A webinar can be a presentation, a lecture, a workshop or any other online event. Webinars are used for engagement, networking, outreach, demonstration and training.  Involve participants from all over the world.

All-in-one platform for organisers of webinars and online seminars

Businesses and trainers use webinars to conveniently reach large audiences at once.
Speaker content is delivered live or pre-recorded and presenters provide additional information to the audience through texts, images and other materials, as well as hand over to co-presenters.

Branded event landing page

Simple event analytics

Integrated chat

Integration with Youtube and Vimeo

Simple access levels

Presentation & info distribution

For Organisers
  • increase ROI, save time
  • event monitoring and statistics
  • attendee registration, payment, gate
  • landing page with dynamic content changes throughout event lifecycle
  • setup access levels
  • setup multilingual translations
  • setup a schedule
  • setup parallel sessions
  • setup video presentations
  • introduce speakers
  • highlight VIP's and sponsors
  • pre-recorded videos and live recording
  • creating and placing content
  • conduct polls and voting
  • mobile app and accessibility features
For Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • maximize visibility, boost engagement
  • virtual area tools, statistics, attendance, guide
  • ready-made solutions for participant area design
  • enable networking and business card exchange
  • setup different communication channels
  • built-in multilingual translation tool
  • webinar and presentation tools
  • conduct surveys and votes
  • offer creation and payment
  • distribution of special offers and information material (price lists, coupons, certificates, etc.)
  • platform training materials
  • authorise visitors
For Visitors
  • clear info 24/7, clear focus at all times
  • personalised info and shopping basket
  • registration reminders and newsletter subscriptions
  • networking communication tools & chat – WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc.
  • calendar integration
  • any device access
  • multilingual user interface
  • ask questions to speakers
  • access to sponsored offers

Key Features

Event Landing Page
  • landing page easy designer with SEO
  • landing page dedicated access pre, during and post event
  • registration form, special offers and advertisements
  • exhibitor/sponsor highlighting with dedicated and customisable pages
  • photos/videos, live streams and interactive functionality
On-site Capability
  • event catalogue with easy navigation and search
  • digital any-device registration, badge printing and QR code/manual access
  • interactive engagement and entertainment capabilities
  • real-time location based tour guide
  • iBeacon mobile navigation
Livestream / Videos
  • LIVE broadcasts, recorded for future playback
  • videoss pre-recorded for pre, during and post event playback
  • virtual content areas customisable per organiser, exhibitor and sponsor
  • interactive sharing of webinars, demos, training and workshops
  • social media integration and sharing
  • virtual business cards, digital sharing, public and private access control
  • direct/group chat via integrations with WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, IG, etc.
  • pop-up/future virtual private meeting arrangement and scheduling
  • virtual private meeting recording and download
  • organiser communication tool integration
Engagement and Gamification
  • virtual voting, surveys and other tools for feedback and referral traffic
  • interactive quizzes, memory/wheel-of-fortune games, puzzles, riddles, etc.
  • pop-up virtual meeting rooms for collaboration and teamwork
  • virtual quests and adventure experiences
  • GPS/iBeacon participant tours

Support Services

We have a long track record of working with online events, which we use to support our platform customers. OnlineExpo has dedicated support staff to help.  Our content managers can create or edit web conference content pages to get your event up and running faster with well crafted text to increase SEO in search engines.  Our advertising specialists can bring your event to visitors from different countries and also share information about your event on social media channels if required.

Our Clients

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