Platform to host your
Virtual and On-Site Events
Online Expo

Connect Virtual and Hybrid Conference participants
in one infospace

The multifunctional platform allows you to bring people together from all over the world. Participants can interact,
take part in discussions, listen to presentations and get information. 

Similar solutions on-site and at the virtual conference will ensure the same high quality experience for visitors. 


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The conference brings together people with common interests to share new information, discuss and decide on specific issues.
Many of the best-known conferences take place regularly

Branded event landing page

On-site and online participation

Networking and communication opportunities

Event-based configuration options

Visitor access and ticket control

Analysis of visitor and participant activity

Conference area facilities
  • setting up a multilingual interface
  • setting up a schedule
  • setting up video presentations
  • introducing speakers
  • highlighting VIPs and sponsors
  • use of pre-recorded videos
  • video recording options
  • creating and placing content
  • use of a multilingual translation tool
  • conducting polls and votes
  • visitor authorisation
  • creation of access levels
  • monitoring and analysing event statistics
Sponsorship opportunities
  • setting up a multilingual interface
  • a user account for a participant to design an virtual area
  • ready-made solutions for participant area design
  • distribution of special offers and information material
  • authorising visitors
  • setting up different communication channels
  • enabling networking
  • exchanging business cards with participants
  • conducting surveys and votes
  • using payment solutions
  • monitoring and analysing virtual area statistics
  • guidance materials for virtual area design
Visitor facilities
  • convenient access from all devices
  • multilingual user interface
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • use of integrated communication channels such as Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber
  • ask questions to speakers
  • adding appointments to calendar
  • registration reminders and newsletters
  • access to sponsors' offers
  • collection of personalised information basket


  • QR based access control setup
  • manual access control
  • setting up on-site printing of participant badges or neck badges
  • various on-site interactive and engaging activities
  • the use of site-specific tour or walk modules put together for delegates and speakers


We have a long track record of working with online events, which we use to support our platform customers. Our content managers can help with editing or filling out web conference content pages to get your event up and running faster. Correctly crafted texts will gain more popularity in search engines. Our advertising specialists can bring your event to visitors from different countries. We can also share information about your event on social media, if required.


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